Activities we can arrange for you:

An Insight into local Culture & Cooking

Singing Group in Alvito

Visit the singing groups of the Cante Alentejano at their weekly meeting in Alvito. The slightly melancholic a cappella music, believed to be of Moorish influence and still an important part of  Alentejano identity will not leave you indifferent.

The choirs meet Wednesdays and Fridays in Alvito.

Traditional Pottery in Viano do Alentejo

Viana do Alentejo is known for its traditional pottery. The potters will be happy to show you around and you can observe how the beautiful pieces are formed and carefully painted by skilled artisans.

Portuguese Cooking

If you are interested in Portuguese cooking, we will show you how to prepare some traditional Portuguese dishes.

Wine Tasting Session

Alentejo is an important wine-growing region. You may want to visit a local winegrower and have a wine-tasting session. We can arrange it for you. Details and prices on request.